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Key Benefits

  • AITLAU Day PlannerAITLAU helps you save costs of employing a full time accounting personnel.

  • AITLAU has vast experience in analysing financial statements that can help you in the allocation of your resources.

  • AITLAU will ensure timely monthly accounting and financial reports to help you in your monthly decision making.

  • AITLAU has vast experience in reviewing and preparation of accounting and financial budgets to help you with your company budget to help you plan for the future.

  • AITLAU is your one stop accounting and finance for your business needs.


Accounting Services

  • Provision of accounting services to manage your accounting and finance department.
  • Setting up of your accounting system and policies and procedures.
  • Outsourcing of book-keeping functions. 
Financial Statements and Reports
  • Basic preparation of financial statements for timely decision making;
  • Preparation of accounting and auditing schedules;
  • Accounting support during financial audits; and
  • Customisation of financial reports.

Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Preparation of financial budgets; and
  • Scenario analysis.

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