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Key Benefits

  • AITLAU believes in training for continuous education.

  • AITLAU employ experienced trainers with the relevant practical experience.

  • AITLAU has training courses that are Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) claimable.

  • AITLAU is your one stop training centre for your training needs.

Training Courses

We provide both in-house and public training courses.  We tailor make all in-house training programmes to suit your corporate objectives.

List of Current In-house and Public Courses

Accounting and Finance Training Courses
  • Financial Modelling - Basic
  • Understanding Treasury Management
  • Taxation - Embracing the Individual Self Assessment System
  • Understanding Financial and Accounting Reports in the New Reporting Regime
  • A Practical Approach in FRS1112004 Construction Contracts and
    FRS 2012004 Property Development Activities
  • A simple approach to understanding -
    FRS 101 Presentation of Financial Statements,
    FRS 1072004 Cash Flow Statements,
    FRS 108 Net Profit or Loss for the Period, Fundamental Errors and Changes in Accounting Policies,
    FRS 1142004 Segment Reporting and
    FRS 110 Events After the Balance Sheet Date
  • Managing FRS102 Inventories
  • The Simple Understanding of
    FRS 116 Property, Plant and Equipment, FRS 140 Investment Property and
    FRS 136 Impairment of Assets
  • A Practical Understanding of FRS 3 Business Combinations,
  • A Practical Understanding of
    FRS 124 Related Party Disclosures,
    FRS 127 Consolidated Financial Statements and Investments in
                     Subsidiaries and
    FRS 128 Investments in Associates
  • Effective Application of
    FRS 1372004 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets and FRS 117 Leases
  • Understanding and applying FRS 131 Interests in Joint Venture
  • Calculating FRS 133 Earnings Per Share
  • Revenue Recognition with FRS 118 Revenue
  • FRS 121 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Simple 123 Treatment of FRS 1232004 Borrowing Costs
Financial Planning Training Courses
  • A Practical Approach in Business Succession Planning
  • A Basic Understanding in Personal Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning - Will Writing

Human Resource Management Training Courses

  • Labour Laws of Malaysia
  • Effective Domestic Inquiry
  • Negotiating the Collective Agreement
  • Managing Tardiness and Absentiseem
  • Towards An Effective Disciplinary System
  • Effective Management of Occupational Safety and Health

Forensic Accounting Training Courses

  • Principles of Fraud Examination
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Asset Misappropriation and Investigative Techniques
  • Fraud Risk Management

Personal Development Training Courses

  • Speak Up With Confidence
  • Effective Counselling Skills


  • Directors Liabilities and Responsibilities
  • Corporate Governance - A Practical Framework

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